Home is where we are all at peace. The place you get after a long day at the office and enjoy all the comfort, where everything is at your fingertips and you can truly relax. Birds chirp, the rays of the sun dwell through the large windows, the angels sing. Okay, not really, but with the smart home facilities, you feel almost like in Heaven.

We created a system meant to make your life easier and installed it in each of the apartments in Vox Vertical Village. You control light and ambient temperature through sophisticated modern switches just a click away. You can upgrade the system with a wide range of available options.

showflat vox vertical village smart home

How is the smart home system installed?

First, we chose a decentralized wired, automated system where each piece of equipment has its own intelligence, independent from a central brain. These features make the system not only much safer but also extremely stable.

Capacitive switches, tactile switches, sensors, touchscreens and all elements that control the system (lights, temperatures, curtains, music, etc.) are interconnected and communicate via a single certified data cable.

panou de control smart home vox vertical village timisoara

Individual smart devices

A decentralized system implies that each component has its own intelligence and does not depend on a central controller. We chose this option because, in the event of a controller failure, the functionality of the entire system would be compromised until the malfunction was remedied. Simple: decentralized system = uncompromised operation.

In the event of a power cut, the system will not work. However, as a professional system, it will become operational within 10 seconds after resuming the power supply. All pre-set light and temperature preferences will instantly become active.

Vox vertical village consola control smart home apartamente timisoara

Safety on the long run

The equipment benefits from a standard 2-year warranty with the possibility of extension. The average service life under normal conditions is estimated at least 8-10 years.

consola de control smart home vox vertical village showflat timisoara apartamente

Flexible and scalable

The standard smart home system has a high degree of flexibility and scalability, with a wide range of options that can be added along the way:

  • Light dimming
  • White and color LED lighting
  • Rolls and curtain control
  • AC control
  • Options for home security – flood detection, fire, burglary, surveillance cameras
  • Local and internet control through dedicated, fixed and portable business phones, tablets, clocks and touchscreens
  • Voice control
  • Biometric access control
  • Single and multiroom audio and video control
  • Home cinema systems and living room
  • Video intercom systems

Standard packages

We want to offer you a unique living experience, which is why we included standard smart home packages in the price of apartments and penthouses, including light and heat control, as well as other smart features. The options included are as follows:

Penthouse 4 rooms – package included 9.426 EURO + VAT
Penthouse 3 rooms – package included in the price of 8.415 EURO + VAT
3-room apartment – 4,290 EURO + VAT included
Apartment 2 rooms – package included in the amount of 3,500 EURO + VAT

Thank you for your interest in Vox Vertical Village. We’d be happy to contact you at that point, if you’d like to register your interest.