One of the most unique features of Vox Vertical Village, besides its architecture, is the green landscaping. Breathtaking green areas, large terraces, generous interior spaces bring residence owners closer to nature. Everyone loves nature, we feel more peaceful when we walk in the park or simply take a breath of fresh air in our garden.


Enjoy nature, inside and outside

The imposing terraces are characterized primarily by light and space, while the design is perfectly complemented by natural elements, plants, and glass. Private terraces serve as relaxing spaces with amazing views over Timisoara. The experience is fantastic for the whole family because both common gardens and indoor lobbies invite residents to exploration and socializing.

Peisagistica pentru Vox Vertical Village Timisoara realizata de Van den Berk

How will we make the building green?

Putting in practice such a unique landscaping project is not as easy as one might think. Trees cannot simply be ordered and put into pots. The entire concept needs to be adapted to climatic conditions, we need to prepare the trees from the nursery stage and make sure that the plants and trees which fill in Vox Vertical Village spaces, will remain healthy and beautiful over the years.

We chose to take on this challenge with the help and expertise of a local landscaping architect, Andrei Condoros, member of the Romanian Landscaping Association – Timisoara Branch along with the largest nursery of Europe: Van den Berk.

Van den Berk Nurseries specialize in medium to very large sized trees and shrubs. The company has built a great expertise on trees and its application over the last 75 years. Van den Berk trees grow at 500 hectares in the Netherlands and Germany and the range encompasses more than 1600 species and varieties. The trees end up in assorted locations such as city centres, business premises, parks and private gardens over 35 countries in Europe. This process involves a close cooperation with landscape architects, greenery managers, and contractors, garden designers and horticulturalists, to jointly complete the most successful greenery projects.
Their contribution is remarkable through iconic projects such as the Vertical Forest Eindhoven, The Louvre Paris, National Opera Athens, Bobbing Forest Rotterdam, and many others.


Trees at a higher level

Roof gardens are becoming more popular everyday. Combining uses is a frequent choice, in particular when it comes to urban infill development areas. These structures place a number of limitation on the trees because the root space is restricted. Sustainable project planning and good water management are essential in this case. A greenery project can only be considered a success if the intended final look is actually accomplished. Only then can we state that the trees have been planted to last. If the concept, planning and maintenance are not well managed, the consequences can be very costly – especially if trees need to be replanted or cleared after a few years.

Van den Berk guarantees final look after 10 / 15 / 20 years, their aim being the success of the greenery project and sustainable solutions.

“We always find the right tree for the right place” – Van Den Berk

Peisagistica pentru Vox Vertical Village Timisoara realizata de Van den Berk

Biodiversity, life and nurturing

We know for a fact that trees have a great contribution to air filtering. Assuring not just a pleasant visual landscape, but creating a biodiverse, healthy and natural environment is one of our main goals. This project is not just about offering apartments in a stylish building, but rather the essence of redefining urban lifestyle. Bringing nature closer to those who have a dynamic and busy lifestyle is a great challenge.

The species we will plant need to be carefully chosen so that they hold up over many years are easy to maintain, and of course, they should be as much disease resistant as possible. Growing diverse species for this particular project will give the trees their own personality.

Vox Vertical Village brings homes closer to the city, representing the perfect blend between the comfort of a house and the advantages of an apartment. Through this concept, we aimed at sparing residents from the daily chores of running a traditional household, while still offering them the full benefits and comfort of a house. We have also set out to develop a space where interaction and communication between neighbors occur, which we believe is the cornerstone of any community. In order to achieve this, we started out from a classic pattern of independent and connected houses, isolated twelve of these buildings and transformed the street into a “public square”, resulting in a spacious atrium inside, surrounded by houses, gardens, and terraces.

“The framework of the building, a generous common space developed both horizontally and vertically, on all levels, is outlined by urban furniture, interior gardens and most importantly lots of natural light coming through the open spaces between residences. This building targets those with a dynamic lifestyle, by offering multiple facilities that successfully complete the imposing architecture and exceptional interior design” – says Radu Golumba, Studio Arca.


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